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Title: Replacing your old desktop computer with an all in one PC
Post by: maddy35 on November 07, 2012, 06:33:56 am
The desktop computer which was at one time king in all offices and home is fast losing its glory due to the advent of laptops, notebooks and iPads. But make no mistake the desktop is still the mainstay of personal computing and if you were to ask any serious computer geek or a professional, they will all say that they preferred the desktop computer to anything else that has been invented since. This is mostly because of its versatility, its speed and performance which is unmatchable in terms of features and functionality and the reason why many computer users are loath to trade their old faithful desktops for any new device.

The desktop PC can still be bought at competitive prices with such a plethora of them being available at any retail or online store on the web. One of its greatest benefits is its capability of being customized and upgraded which is something you donít see in most of the new types of computers flooding the market these days. What is even better is that any desktop computer ( user can easily find parts and accessories for his machine without having to take it to the manufacturer. They are easy to replace and any computer repairman will undertake to carry out the repairs which cannot be said of the laptop or any of its cousins.

While the desktop computer can be bought in any make or model what is important is to check the operating system which is the foundation of any computer. The smooth running of your machine depends on its operating system which will also decide the stability and functionality of your computer and the type of software you wish to use.  If you ever decide to replace your old machine but donít wish to get out of the desktop PC functions, your best option is to go for an all in one PC especially if the only needs you have   is to e-mail,   do some shopping and chat with friends.

Although the all in one PC has been there for sometime, no one spoke about it until the Apple iMac hit the streets. Now this is a thing of beauty and anyone replacing his desktop shouldnít have to think long and hard because the Apple iMac is the all in one PC that you might be satisfied with after your faithful desktop computer. It can do everything your old PC did and looks absolutely marvelous with its slim LED screen. Itís even better if you can use it with a wireless keyboard and mouse and you will have more space on your table as well.

But it does have its drawbacks with the first one being its high price. If you can get over that, donít forget there are some issues regarding upgrading and gaming because these are not things that can be easily carried out in the all in one PC. Another negative point is the accessibility of the ports which are not as conveniently placed as in a desktop computer tower. As beautiful as the screen is, you canít replace it or the computer because theyíre integrated as one unit and if one component becomes unusable you will have to throw it on the garbage dump or loose it somewhere in your wardrobe.

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