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Title: Casual raiding for more serious raiders
Post by: Lyra on August 31, 2011, 07:39:49 am
Hey guys, Lyrabonbon here. I would like to make a Cata raid group on a night in addition to the raid night on Thursday. I want it to be a more serious group that does Firelands. However, before we go there I would like for us to get experience and gear in BWD, BoT, and TotFW.

Because this group is serious (but still casual) I want to place a very simple requirement on who can join. All I ask is that you have an equipped item level of 346 and have ALL pieces be PvE. Reaching that requirement should be very easy seeing as there is no cap on JP's (as long as you spend them!) and you can purchase level 359 gear with them. You must also have appropriate expertise and hit cap. If you are having trouble calculating how to reforge I recommend the addon ReforgeLite from I have had problems with reforgenator (it gave me 10% hit) so I don't advise that one.

Raid time is undecided but I want it to be Friday, Saturday, or Sunday afternoon. Once people send me responses I can set a more definite time.

Loot rules will have a point system that gives people who have attended more raids priority when rolling. Rolling will be main spec, off spec, then DE. Once you win something you cannot roll again that night unless you are the only person who needs subsequent drops for main spec (in which case it's all yours!).

You will need to provide your own flasks, pots, and food. I can make the flasks and pots and I know other guildies can make the food.

The only other things I can think of at the time of writing this is that you need to have mumble and it would be appreciated if you watched the fights on youtube.

If interested send me a tell or ingame mail; I should be on Lyrabonbon or Lyrafan. I will also check this thread daily (as long as I remember lol).


If you are wondering about the difference between serious and casual it's that we want to progress but raid time will be limited to one three-hour chunk of time a week as opposed to raiding three nights a week like more h a r d c o r e guilds do. I had to put spaces in that word because this website filtered it o.O

Title: Re: Casual raiding for more serious raiders
Post by: Parasprite on August 31, 2011, 03:50:44 pm
I think this is a good idea, though the fights in Firelands will probably be too hard at 346 ilvl.  15k+ dps for every member is required for even the first boss in FL.  (This should be quite easy to hit with Zandalari Heroic/Justice gear + gems/enchants though)

Edit: Wordfilters changed T-r-o-l-l to Parasprite

Title: Re: Casual raiding for more serious raiders
Post by: Bastiat on August 31, 2011, 07:57:02 pm
What you're describing is not different from the plan for our current raid night.

Thursday has no ilevel requirement because if it had one, we would never have enough people eligible to attend. If we had people of the appropriate roles and with sufficient ilevel to meet your criteria, they would already be given priority over less prepared characters on thursday. Unless they whine or show up late, anyway.

Thursday is already as "serious" as our guild is able to be.

[edit: About 18 of our 85's who show activity this week already meet your ilevel requirement. I can't find many who don't. I can only assume that our raids are already comprised of people over 346 and if they are not, people in queue should be swapped in who are. If nobody in queue is better geared for that role, then simply requiring that they be so will not make it so.

I understand that it's frustrating if you naturally progress much, much faster than the bell curve and are left waiting around bored while other people gear up. Keep in mind that we are a Brony guild first and a raiding guild second. Other guilds simply evict people who do not gear fast enough, and they are right to do so. As a fan guild we do not have this luxury, and so we must accommodate all play styles. If you're a pony, you're in.

The Pony Way to achieving what you want would be to spend some time sheparding our current 85's into shape by making suggestions on gear to obtain, offering ideas for optimizing their token farming time, and motivating them to gear up instead of waste time. Or run a prize contest like I am already doing!

Creating a new raid night with an ilevel requirement won't create more ponies that meet that requirement. Mentoring people who do not meet that requirement will.

Title: Re: Casual raiding for more serious raiders
Post by: Lyra on August 31, 2011, 08:38:11 pm
I think saying this is as serious as our guild is going to get isn't fair. Some people want to do progression raiding and some don't. This is just a pick-up group for those who are prepared for the content. I don't think anyone would find going to a raid and not being equipped to handle it a fun experience. I'm not looking for some uber group who downs every boss first attempt. Raiding is a learning experience so I'm expecting a rough start and smooth sailing later on. With that said, I don't think anyone wants to wipe a ton so that's why I have the extremely basic and easy to achieve item level requirement of 346, which as you mentioned a lot of people have already.

I also don't see why you are taking issue with this. It's a supplement to the current raid night and if anything it's one more guild event to bring bronies closer together.

Title: Re: Casual raiding for more serious raiders
Post by: Bastiat on August 31, 2011, 08:54:12 pm
I'm not taking issue with anything, your idea is not bad it's just not different from what we're already doing. If I instituted an ilevel requirement for thursday it would turn out exactly the same as our thursdays already turn out, except instead of poorly geared people here and there we would be short people here and there.

Title: Re: Casual raiding for more serious raiders
Post by: Sanjo9 on August 31, 2011, 11:15:41 pm
This is Asheras.  I'm interested.  You'll get a letter in the game.

Title: Re: Casual raiding for more serious raiders
Post by: Parasprite on September 01, 2011, 02:26:00 pm

Title: Re: Casual raiding for more serious raiders
Post by: Mario565 on September 02, 2011, 11:27:55 pm
Smoothgreen here; I also want to do progression raiding, but school is coming up for me so i can raid friday through sunday. I can tank/dps