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Title: Lord Ryolith?!?!
Post by: Parasprite on October 02, 2011, 10:05:11 pm
We've spent a grand total of 3 hours wiping on this boss, so if anyone comes up with an idea on what were are doing wrong or how we can improve please post it here.  Looking at the logs, I honestly have no idea.  ???

Title: Re: Lord Ryolith?!?!
Post by: Parasprite on October 02, 2011, 10:50:18 pm
After consulting our logs and talking to guilds who have downed the boss, it looks like the problem is that we are taking too long to stomp out the active volcanoes, and their Eruption effect is becoming unhealable.  (There were some parses where not a single person got stomped or hit the magma flow and we still wiped)

What has been suggested:
2 Tanks (1 Spark tank, 1 Fragment Tank)
3 Healers (1 on tanks, two on raid.  This is so if an active volcano stays up for too long it can be healed through)
2 Melee on legs
1 Ranged on legs which gives out directions on which leg the melee should attack.
2 Ranged with good AoE killing the Fragments, then the Spark.  (Hunters, Boomkins, Demonology Lock, etc.)

I have highlighted what the groups I talked to both said was the most important; someone steering the boss that communicates with the others which direction he needs to go to hit the active volcano.  While our approach to drive the boss in a circle around the arena worked for him not drinking magma, apparently the Eruption effect is quite lethal as well.

Title: Re: Lord Ryolith?!?!
Post by: Parasprite on October 03, 2011, 11:33:56 am
Log data showing Eruption increasing (
It seems like it can get up to 45k+ DPS just from Eruption.  Eruption also puts a debuff on all players, increasing damage from Ryolith's Concussive Stomp, and damage on the tank from the Spark of Ryolith.

tldr; If active volcanoes are up for too long, wipes raid regardless of if there are 2, 3, or 20 healers.

Title: Re: Lord Ryolith?!?!
Post by: Illumina on October 04, 2011, 04:51:45 pm
Couple of notes myself... scrounged from WowHead/comments/other sources...

In summary, yes it sounds like a very rough/luck/driving/stayingoutofOMGLAVALAVALAVABURNS fight.

Sounds like the two big keys are driving Rhyo over active volcanos ASAP, and avoiding the Lava streams.
Below are some of the key comments I noticed hunting around WowHead, didn't find much else interesting from other sources though that we hadn't already covered yet...

"Volcano Lord Rhyolith ignites a Volcano, causing it to inflict 12000 Fire damage to 3 players every 2 sec. When struck, the player takes 5% additional Fire damage for 15 sec. This effect stacks up to 20 times."

"When "driving" Rhyolith, we found it greatly helps out the healers if the melee steers him to the erupting volcanoes asap. To facilitate this, we placed raid markers on four sides of the island so we could call which icon the erupting volcano was near since it can be difficult for melee to see them while avoiding other damage and trying to steer at the same time."

"Worst designed heroic fight by far, this boss is completely goverened by how well RNG praises your guild."
"I agree even on normal mode RNG has alot to do with it..We oneshotted him last week because active volcanoes spawned right in the path we were already taking and now this week they spawn directly opposite of the one we're going after...very lame"

"Our 10 man normal raid found this fight remarkably easier when we drove Rhyolith over every volcano we could steer him towards, Active or Dormant. Cratering the dormant volcanoes helped in two ways:
1) It reduced the number of possible volcanoes Rhyolith could activate, so we never had multiple separate active volcanoes (and their eruption debuffs) up simultaneously.
2) It greatly reduced the clutter on screen and improved visibility.
The downside to this is more craters result in more Magma Flows, but the improved visibility meant they were easier to spot and dodge, and the lack of eruption stacks meant if they did hit they didn't 1-shot us."