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Title: Left the Guild
Post by: Parasprite on November 11, 2011, 06:06:06 pm
I am interested in WoW primarily for raiding current content and challenging myself to do well.  I don't think my interests match with what is best for the guild at this time.

With a new patch coming out soon, if the guild wants to push into T13 right away I think the steps required to do so will alienate a lot of players.  Since we are primarily a social/pony guild, when classes have a lot of competition (DPS Warriors, Warlocks) and we could only bring the best for raid composition reasons I think this would cause a lot of hurt feelings, especially when players are good enough for current content but only play a class in which someone is outperforming them.

Title: Re: Left the Guild
Post by: Featherwin on November 11, 2011, 08:08:48 pm
That seems pretty silly to me.
Yes we are a pony/social guild first, Bastiat has said so on many occasions now, but you can't really go in to a raid with that same mentality and expect to progress very far.
If every person(pony) doesn't spend the time and effort to gem, enchant, glyph, spec and learn their rotation properly then they are essentially wasting the time of the other people in the raid. It's also irritating because if you do need any of the above items you can just ask in-guild and someone will be able to make whatever it is you need. And there are plenty of resources online that will tell you how to get the most bang out of your spec.

If someone gets angry with you because you ask them to sit because we need to min/max the raid to be able to actually progress then instead of getting angry they should ask 'what can I do to improve my dps/healing/tanking so that I will be able to attend next raid?'. This is just the cold hard reality of raiding, and unfortunately it's going to stay that way (unless Blizzard decides to go back to the WotLK raiding model).

Title: Re: Left the Guild
Post by: Bastiat on November 11, 2011, 08:53:25 pm
Para is right, his reasons are valid and I encourage everypony who feels the same to follow suit and seek other guilds.

I have been in a top 100 worldwide raiding guild in the past. I was in Talisman when they were eleventh worldwide to earn Alone In The Dark during wrath. It takes a certain, strict set of habits and attitudes in order to be a cutting edge raiding guild. Main character and spec assignment, strict raid team balance and gear requirements, stricter attendance, class and role min-maxing, none of them sound that big a deal alone but it adds up to an entirely different approach to raiding.

We are not that sort of guild.

Not all that many players want that sort of experience. Elite raiding guilds need to recruit heavily in order to limn out the serious raiders. Because we do not recruit from the gen pop at all, we can never be an elite raiding guild without completely changing our mission.

We are going to be a marginal raiding guild. We will never be top 200, or even 2000. We will probably never run heroic raids before Bliz patches all the challenge out. We will probably have to work a great deal before we make any headway into new content.

We should not expect anypony who wants to play differently to hang around.

Title: Re: Left the Guild
Post by: Twlitesprkle on November 12, 2011, 08:23:05 am
 Oh noez falling apart over RECOUNT? - i swear, this is what ruins all my guilds.  So we were doing great and progressing at a decent pace and now we have to fall apart over becoming over-zealous?  I mean 2 people wanting to push hardmode or whatever shouldn't just destroy what we had built...  i'll admit i have no clue what is actually happening, but i have seen it enough to know that i hate the idea that what i loved about this guild is going to die and we either go hardmode raid or become a guild that does nothing but dailies.  The problem with choosing is you lose all the people who made the guild fun and replace it with people staring at recount and pointing blame... friendship will not be magic, but a bunch of people whispering nasty comments and secretly forming activities to exclude people with a false pretense of "bringing them later once progression has been reached" when they know they won't.

Title: Re: Left the Guild
Post by: Twlitesprkle on November 12, 2011, 08:44:29 am
 Remember the episode DRAGONSHY.... i prefer to take the approach of rather than excluding what looks like the weakest link, to actually take the extra time to do it right - and as a healer yelled in one of my old heroics "Your high DPS doesn't mean Shiat if you can't get the mechanics"  Few bosses i have learned in these raids are Zerg.  Many of our highest dps also end up being people who die to mechanics trying too hard to top recount and i didn't need a graph or chart to see it.

Title: Re: Left the Guild
Post by: Featherwin on November 12, 2011, 11:44:11 am
I think I may have accidentally given people the idea that I want to be in a hard-mode guild, which I don't. I've already been in that position before and I have no interest whatsoever in going back to that playstyle. I just want the guild to be successful in raiding because otherwise I'm worried that people could start getting burned out it if we're continually beating our heads against a boss and not making any significant progress (although we have been doing pretty good imo).

My comment about needed to gem, enchant, etc etc... was so that it would help us to be able to down the bosses more efficiently, and honestly something that people should think about doing regardless of if their raiding or not. Seeing big numbers pop up on your screen, either healing or dps, is just awesome and improving your character to the best that it could be makes those numbers even larger!

....unless you're a tank, then I guess you just see a lot of dodge and parrys on your screen? ;P

Putting all that aside; Para you could have at least left an alt in the guild to visit with us occasionally because you know we all wub you...

Title: Re: Left the Guild
Post by: Parasprite on November 13, 2011, 07:15:25 pm
To address some concerns, I took this action independently and to my knowledge the only other player(s) performing at a hardmode level currently have no interest in hardmode content.  I think you guys will do fine in continuing to have fun, talk ponies, and even raiding with the magic of friendship.  I left because I was beginning to push my standards onto the guild (especially on Rag, sitting certain people every week) and I think it was having detrimental results to ponies enjoyment of the game.  I don't have any grudges against the players in the guild.

I just got offered a spot in a 25HM guild that raids Mon-Thurs + some weekends so I have left the server.

If anyone wants, they can add my Real ID :