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October 06, 2022, 07:04:20 pm
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1  Guild Business and Discussion / General Guild Discussion / Re: Raid Restructuring: In the grim, bright future, there is only friendship. on: December 23, 2011, 01:27:26 am
I went over logs from today, and noted some areas healers could improve.

In General
-Mythical Mana Potions and Concentration Potions are great to have handy when raiding new content.  For example, drinking a Mana Potion after the Mana Void on Yor'sahj can save the tanks life.

-Riptide should be used off-cooldown.  During AoE phases it can be put on random raid members, and if damage isn't happening to the raid the tank is always a good target for a Riptide.
-Mana Tide Totem is rather awesome to handle Mana Void spawns on Yor'sahj.  Other than that, it is good to use off cooldown if you and the other healers would regain mana from it.  (<70% is a good time to use it)
-Other than that everything looked pretty good, though some of the Healing Waves could be replaced with Chain Heal / Greater Healing when damage is high.

-You can remove Healing Touch from your action-bars.  Rejuvenation is nearly twice as mana-efficient and has a twice the throughput.  In the situation where someone is near-death and a HoT is not suitable, Regrowth is a better bet with 3/3 Nature's Bounty.  (You can move points out of Living Seed to fill it in)
-Using a Nourish or Regrowth to keep Harmony (Restoration mastery) up is a good way to increase throughput.  Casting a Nourish to refresh Lifebloom on the tank is a good way to accomplish two tasks at once.
-Wild Growth and Swiftmend should be used off-cooldown as long as two or more players are injured.  They are the two best spells in the Druids toolbox after Tranquility.
-It is good to get into the practice of using Innervate on yourself when you first drop below 80% mana and off-cooldown after that.  On Yor'sahj, you will want to save it for the Mana Voids, as it can give you enough mana to continue healing with no problems.
-During high-damage phases the highest throughput priority is Swiftmend > Wild Growth > Regrowth (if no Harmony buff) > Rejuvenation on a new target
-Lifebloom uptime was nearly 100%, which was very good.  Sorry if I seem overly harsh, my main is a Druid healer.
2  Guild Business and Discussion / General Guild Discussion / Re: Raid Restructuring: In the grim, bright future, there is only friendship. on: December 18, 2011, 09:51:13 pm
Not applying to the group, but I thought I would chime in on what it takes to clear normal Dragon Soul 10.

2 Tanks (One with DPS offset)
3 Healers (One with DPS offset)
0-2 Melee
3-5 Ranged DPS

DPS should be able to do 25k+ single target to clear Dragon Soul 10N.  A good way to check if you are ready is to run "Fall of Deathwing" on Raid Finder difficulty and turn Recount on for Ultraxion.  If you are below 25k at ~378 gear on that fight, consider reading a class guide.

For tanks, certain classes excel on certain fights, but for normal mode any two should do.

For healing the best bet is to take the first three that are willing to heal.  If you continue using World of Logs, I can review them and check for improvements that could be made if healers are struggling.  I'm also more than happy to give advice on any healing spec if I'm online.
3  General Category / Introductions / Re: Left the Guild on: November 13, 2011, 07:15:25 pm
To address some concerns, I took this action independently and to my knowledge the only other player(s) performing at a hardmode level currently have no interest in hardmode content.  I think you guys will do fine in continuing to have fun, talk ponies, and even raiding with the magic of friendship.  I left because I was beginning to push my standards onto the guild (especially on Rag, sitting certain people every week) and I think it was having detrimental results to ponies enjoyment of the game.  I don't have any grudges against the players in the guild.

I just got offered a spot in a 25HM guild that raids Mon-Thurs + some weekends so I have left the server.

If anyone wants, they can add my Real ID :
4  General Category / Introductions / Left the Guild on: November 11, 2011, 06:06:06 pm
I am interested in WoW primarily for raiding current content and challenging myself to do well.  I don't think my interests match with what is best for the guild at this time.

With a new patch coming out soon, if the guild wants to push into T13 right away I think the steps required to do so will alienate a lot of players.  Since we are primarily a social/pony guild, when classes have a lot of competition (DPS Warriors, Warlocks) and we could only bring the best for raid composition reasons I think this would cause a lot of hurt feelings, especially when players are good enough for current content but only play a class in which someone is outperforming them.
5  Guild Business and Discussion / Dungeons and Raids / 25 Man Next Week on: November 04, 2011, 03:08:57 am
We gained a lot of new members which wish to raid this week, and have around 13 consistently showing up for raids.  I made next weeks raid a 25 man; we will PuG additional DPS if need be to fill up the roster.  This does mean there will be some changes over our standard raid night.

If you are a tank...
There are still only 2 tank slots in 25 man.  You may be asked to go DPS so be prepared for this.

If you are a healer...
There are ~5 healers in 25 man, usually two dedicated tank healers and three raid healers.  You may also be asked to go DPS so be prepared for this.

If you are a DPS...
The fights are different in 25 Man so we may wipe a few times learning the differences.
6  Guild Business and Discussion / Dungeons and Raids / Re: Ragnaros on: October 30, 2011, 10:53:06 pm
Well, I wonder what wiped us this week...

1 Phase 1 Flutterguyy Derp Attempt 14
1 Phase 1 Transition Supernova Attempts 2
7 Phase 2 Engulfing Flames/Hammer Attempts 3,4,5,10,11,12,13
4Phase 2 Transition Attempts 6,7,15,16
2Tank Death Attempt 8 (0.032% chance... crazy), Attempt 9


Some thoughts for next week:
Watch DPS to make sure Molten Seeds don't spawn during a Transition.  (Better to take 3 seed phases then risk doing it in 2)
During second transition, make sure everyone knows how to DPS while moving and have DPS with good raid awareness switch off their Son of Flame at 50% health and start damaging other adds.
7  Guild Business and Discussion / Dungeons and Raids / Re: An idea on: October 28, 2011, 10:10:10 pm
Okay, I made a spreadsheet.
If you see an omission on my part or an item you don't need just tell me.

I will use the spreadsheet to determine composition in the future for bosses we have on farm.  (Though we will still need to bring a team which can defeat the boss)

Your name is in ORANGE if you were missing Gems/Enchants.

8  Guild Business and Discussion / Dungeons and Raids / Re: Ragnaros on: October 26, 2011, 10:59:37 pm
It was a different attempt then that one. 
Graph of Healing on that Attempt
9  Guild Business and Discussion / Dungeons and Raids / Re: Ragnaros on: October 24, 2011, 11:16:58 pm
I put in another 12 wipes today with a PuG group, and some thoughts:

  • The stack point locations were in bad spots.  There only need to be two, one in melee range and one outside of the first Engulfing Flames.  There is a large amount of time to heal the molten seed damage off and easy to dodge/hammer & waves if stack points correct.
  • The raid can stand on one side in 10m as long as they remain six-yards apart and outside of the gold-border.
  • Tanks need to use minor defensive cooldowns (Bone Shield,Barkskin, etc.) in Phase 2 when moving to the stack point if they are currently tanking Ragnaros. 
  • They also assigned individual players to specific adds, but if the hammer was offset adjusted specific players to be near the Sons of Flame closest to the hammer.
  • The second Transition Phase is much harder then the first one.  Players need to be familiar with how they can DPS/Heal while moving in case of Blazing Heat.  Lava Scions do a considerable amount of damage to the tanks as well.
  • Phase 3 is actually pretty simple compared to the other phases.  However, the DPS requirements to beat the soft enrage timer are not so forgiving and we'll definitely need to save Heroism/DPS Potions for this phase.
10  Guild Business and Discussion / Dungeons and Raids / Ragnaros on: October 24, 2011, 02:46:20 am
Ragnaros discussion.

Wipes from 10/24[/u]
Attempt 1 Sons of Flame reached hammer in Transition 1.
Attempt 2 Bastiat tank death. 3 crushing blows + Molten Seed explosions w/o ability to Death Strike
Attempt 3 Raid got hammered Phase 2.
Attempt 4 Raid got hammered Phase 2.
Attempt 5 Raid stood in the Erupting Flames during Phase 2.
Attempt 6 Raid stood in the Erupting Flames during Phase 2.
Attempt 7 Sons of Flame reached hammer in Transition 1.
Attempt 8 Sons of Flame reached hammer in Transition 1.
Attempt 9 Illuminia tank death. 2 crushing blows. [Not a lot of heals during this time, can attribute death to healers probably.]
Attempt 10 Raid stood in the Erupting Flames during Phase 2.
Attempt 11 Raid stood in the Erupting Flames during Phase 2.
Attempt 12 Sons of Flame reached hammer in Transition 1.
Attempt 13 Illuminia dies. [No healing for 10 seconds; not sure why]
Attempt 14 Illuminia dies. [High damage taken + low healing recieved]
Attempt 15 Illuminia dies during Phase 2. [My bad on this one]
Attempt 16 Sons of Flame reached hammer in Transition 1.

Most Popular Methods of Wiping
5 Sons of Flame reached hammer in Transition 1.
5 Tank death/healer absence
4 Lava Waves
2 Raid got hammered Phase 2.

Tank death/healer absence could be addressed with swapping out trinkets, knowing that <35% health scenarios are frequent and that healers may often be moving and unable to heal the tanks.  If that doesn't work, it may be an issue of undergearing the content.

As for dealing with Sons of Flame, multiple classes have minor tricks they can use to help with that phase, though the best bet is always more damage.  From our raid-comp last night:
Hunters: Can catch a Bat/Wasp and macro its stun ability.
Mages: Fire has Blast Wave knockback, Frost has Deep Freeze stun, Arcane can burst them down.
Warlock: Demonology can summon Felguard and use hurl axe macro to stun.
Warrior: Numerous options as Fury, Arms, or Protection.
DK: Death Coil in any spec.
Paladin: Hammer of the Righteous, glyphed Holy Wrath
Shaman: unglyphed Thunderstorm
Druid: Skull Bash
11  Guild Business and Discussion / Dungeons and Raids / Re: 25 Man Raiding for 4.3 on: October 19, 2011, 01:41:23 pm
Hmm... after looking at the numbers I have some reservations about 25 man raiding.

Baleroc 10m HP : 31.5m
Baleroc 25m HP : 113m (358.7%)

Given 25 man has 18 DPS vs. 6 DPS on normal, that is 119% DPS per person.  In the words of Rainbow Dash, it needs to be about 20% cooler.

Admittedly it is only 16.4k Post-Nerf on 25m, which is not difficult to hit raid-buffed with Zandalari/Molten Front/Justice gear optimally gemmed/enchanted/reforged so we may be fine to move to 25 man anyway and just help those without optimal gems/enchants/reforges/spec reach that point.
12  Guild Business and Discussion / Dungeons and Raids / Re: 25 Man Raiding for 4.3 on: October 14, 2011, 08:07:13 am
It's probably not viable to start 25-man raiding during 4.2*, we may want to run two 10-mans in the mean time.  The second group could run concurrently or on a different night and do Tier 11 Raids until they are geared enough for FL.  (Similar to what the current 10-man group did)

There has also been interest from some in the current raids for doing T11 again or with alts.  The only requirement would be getting someone to be a raid leader for a second group and organize the events.  Are there any volunteers?

*25-mans are harder in general and many just hit 85 and aren't geared for some of the fights in FL yet.  With 4.3 the dungeon gear will be about the same quality as FL, so keep in mind even if you got to the party late you will be able to gear-up very quickly for Dragon Soul.
13  Guild Business and Discussion / Dungeons and Raids / Re: An idea on: October 14, 2011, 06:35:31 am
This is a good idea, and from what I understand what is usually done in Progression guilds.
14  Guild Business and Discussion / Dungeons and Raids / 25 Man Raiding for 4.3 on: October 10, 2011, 02:04:06 am
I've seen interests from numerous guild members and guild officers about moving to 25 man raiding.  Currently we raid Thursday/Sunday 5-8PM Server, but this can be adjusted if new raiders would prefer a different time.  25 man raiding in Cataclysm typically requires 2 tanks, 5 healers, and 18 DPS with a preference for ranged DPS.

If you are interested in raiding with us but not currently attending raids, please post so we know about your interest in raiding!  Also, if I included you incorrectly in the Current Raiders roster please correct me.

4.3 will provide a gear reset, so those who hit 85 before then will be on the same level as those who have been raiding for months.  This should allow an opportunity for new players to hop into raiding.

Current Raiders ~16 (Roles Covered: T = Tank, H = Healer, M = Melee, R = Ranged)
Bastiat/Friedman (TMR)
Parasprite/Flutterguyy/Braeburn (THR)
Vinylscratch (R)
Rainbowcrash/Paraspriteestia (HM)
Asheras (M) (Tank when required)
Stormspark (HR)
Scootaloo (HR)
Telith/Alagara (MR)
Allipes/Gamiel/Beroe (HMR)
Illuminia/Mylissian/Illumineko (THM)
Featherwin/Sklyra/Miscah (MR)
Estalese (R)
MLPCue (R)
Smoothgreen/Ihatemuffins (THMR)
Twlitesprkle (R)
Alagara (R)
15  Guild Business and Discussion / Dungeons and Raids / Re: Lord Ryolith?!?! on: October 03, 2011, 11:33:56 am
Log data showing Eruption increasing
It seems like it can get up to 45k+ DPS just from Eruption.  Eruption also puts a debuff on all players, increasing damage from Ryolith's Concussive Stomp, and damage on the tank from the Spark of Ryolith.

tldr; If active volcanoes are up for too long, wipes raid regardless of if there are 2, 3, or 20 healers.
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