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Author Topic: Shannox  (Read 467 times)

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« on: September 08, 2011, 10:27:31 pm »

The method I have had the most success with is the one we will attempt first.  In general the fight is a hunter Shannox, and his two dogs.  Most videos contain older three-tank strategies, but are a good reference for how the fight looks.

Rageface to 0% -> Shannox to 40% -> Riplimb to 0% -> Shannox to 0%
Watch out for traps on the ground; Deadly Boss Mods will call them out so move to the side when they appear.
When the spear is thrown a coil of flames appears before exploding.  Don't stand on the flames.
One Ranged DPS with a slow will be on Riplimb the entire fight.  Their job is to slow Riplimb when the spear is thrown and immediately after Riplimb breaks out of a crystal prison trap.
Shannox has an arcing cleave, so Melee DPS can not stand in front of him.

Watch out for traps on the ground; Deadly Boss Mods will call them out so move to the side when they appear.
There will be one healer assigned to Shannox tank, one to Riplimb tank, and one to raid.
When Rageface dies Shannox damage increases so the Raid healer will help with healing the Shannox tank.
When Riplimb dies the Riplimb tank will move on to healing the Shannox tank.
Tank healers will need to chase tanks throughout the fight and may be out of range of the raid at some times.

Shannox Tank
Avoid stepping in traps.
Shannox will be pulled along the road slowly, so that traps do not accumulate in one spot.  When the end of the road is reached, turn around and continue.
(If needed, the Shannox tank can also run with shannox to make Riplimb take longer to reach him if stacks will not fall off)

Riplimb Tank
Avoid stepping in traps.
Keep Riplimb as far away from Shannox as possible; if he is too far he will get Seperation Anxiety and glow red.
When the spear is thrown run towards Shannox to increase the distance the dog must run to get the spear.  If possible, get Riplimb in a crystal prison trap while the spear is out.  You must not get hit for 30 seconds in order for jagged tear stacks to fall off.
Paladin tanks can use their bubble right before Riplimb reaches them, and he will run to the next highest threat target.  They will need to turn it off before Riplimb reaches this target.  It is risky but can add a few seconds if stacks won't drop.

The main aspect of the fight is getting the Jagged Tear debuff to fall off and avoiding traps.  Hitting traps will reduce DPS and make the enrage timer very difficult to reach.  If Jagged Tear stacks do not fall off, healing will become too intense and healers will OOM too quickly in the fight.
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