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SV Hunter Guide

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Author Topic: SV Hunter Guide  (Read 382 times)

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« on: September 25, 2011, 02:55:54 am »

Noticed there wasn't one on EJ anymore, so time to recreate one...  (This is mostly just for personal reference later, so in SPAM)

1. Talent Spec
1.1 Your Spec
Glyph of Serpent Sting can be replaced with Glyph of Arcane Shot.
Major and Minor glyphs do not have an impact on DPS and are more for quality of life, pick whichever you prefer.  I like Glyph of Trap Launcher and Glyph of Ice Trap.

1.2 Pet Talent Spec
Ferocity Pet Spec
Tenacity Pet Spec
Which pet to use depends on raid composition and buff coverage.  There is no one right answer for every situation, so it is good to have different pets with different buffs.  
For Ferocity pets, Call of the Wild has the same cooldown as Rapid Fire and they can be macroed together as follows (turning off Pet Auto-Use of Call of the Wild):
#Showtooltip Rapid Fire
/cast Rapid Fire
/cast [target=pettarget, exists] Call of the Wild
This can replace Rapid Fire on your action bar; it will not generate an error if you have a tenacity pet out.

2. Reforging, Gems, and Enchanting
A note on gear; always wear full Mail!  The 5% Agility bonus is enormous and outweighs slightly better stats on some leather gear.
2.1 Stat Weights
Weapon DPS -> Agility -> Hit (to 961) -> Haste (to ~837) -> Crit -> Mastery -> Haste (past ~837)
In general you will want to reforge your gear so that every piece has Crit and you reach the haste and hit caps.  There is another Haste cap at 2334 haste, but it is not reachable with ~355 item level.
2.2 Gemming
Meta: [Agile Shadowspirit Diamond]
Red: [Delicate Inferno Ruby]
Blue: [Glinting Demonseye]
Yellow: [Deadly Ember Topaz]
Given Agility's relative weighting, you will want to use [Delicate Inferno Ruby] in every socket unless the socket bonus would provide an equal or greater amount of agility to the gem.
2.3 Enchants
Head : Arcanum of Ramkahen
Shoulder : Greater Inscription of Shattered Crystal
Cloak : Major Agility
Chest : Mighty Stats / Peerless Stats
Bracers : Agility
Weapon : Mighty Agility
Ranged : Flintlocke's Woodchucker
Gloves : Greater Agility
Belt : Ebonsteel Belt Buckle
Boots : Greater Agility / Assassins Step

3. Shot Priority
For both situations you will want to be in Aspect of the Hawk.  Not moving additionally procs Sniper Training, so it is best not to move unless required by the fight. (eg fire underneath you)  
Single Target
Hunters Mark (If target not marked)
Serpent Sting (If target not already Serpent Stung)
Black Arrow
Explosive Shot
Kill Shot [If available]
Arcane Shot [If doing so would not make you miss an Explosive shot; can be ignored at 837 haste cap]
Cobra Shot

If the Haste Cap was reached, each Cobra Shot will take 1.66 seconds so you will have time for exactly three Cobra Shots in between each explosive shot.

Multi Target / AoE
Explosive Trap
Cobra Shot

Both Ice-Trap and Snake-Trap can be used to snare adds.  It is best not to use both at the same time so you get more frequent snares.  You want to cast Multi-Shot at least every 6 seconds to keep Serpent Sting up on the group of adds.

Lock and Load Procs
When you get a Lock and Load proc the rotation changes; casting both Explosive Shots back to back is a DPS loss.
Single Target LnL
Explosive Shot [LnL 1]
Cobra Shot
Explosive Shot [LnL 2]
Black Arrow / Arcane Shot
Explosive Shot

Multitarget LnL
Explosive Shot
Explosive Shot [Targeted on a different add]
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