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June 03, 2023, 05:53:50 am
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Codex ad Astra Equus - Official Guild Rules

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Author Topic: Codex ad Astra Equus - Official Guild Rules  (Read 546 times)

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« on: October 03, 2011, 07:00:53 pm »

1) Friendship is Magic, and We are Wizards.
We are a pony guild first and a raid guild second. What sets our guild apart is more than a cartoon, it's also our dedication to our members. Ponies spend their time how they like, create what characters they like and spec them how they choose. Veteran ponies are encouraged to spend time training or helping new ponies wherever possible. If you prefer a more strict, progression oriented guild structure, may you go with Celestias blessing; find an uberguild and show them what a pony can do.

2) Follow The Applebuck Rule.
All ponies will ask for and accept help if they need it. If you're sitting around dreaming of a better sword, ask a crafter what is available and find the mats for them if you can. You may get an upgrade and the crafter will feel useful and appreciated. If you're getting bored slugging out quests, ask if anyone higher level is free for a dungeon tour. The quicker you achieve your goals, the faster the guild achieves its goals, and the more fun everypony gets to have. Conversely, a pony in need is a friend indeed. You should be excited to help out the colts and fillies when they need it (refer to rule 1).

3) Respect Your Fellow Pony.
We're a fairly wacky bunch, so guildchat and mumble can get pretty wild and there are no hard and fast rules, but always remember to have respect for your guildmates and pride in your guild. Avoid show spoilers, class balance bragging or complaining, or exceedingly gross or uncomfortable topics that generally annoy everypony. In public, don't denigrate people, even if they deserve it. We are ambassadors not only of our little group but of the Ponyverse at large. Prove to the world that we deserve the mantle of acceptance and benevolence that we have assumed. It is our foremost weapon.

4) Resolve Conflicts.
If somepony is annoying you or doing something wrong, the best way to resolve the issue is by approaching them politely and explaining the issue. Odds are they did not even realize they were bugging you. If someone is behaving in a way that you feel warrants action on the part of guild leadership, explain the situation to one officer one time. Rest assured that they will discuss it with the entire leadership. They may decide to take action, or they may not. You won't be informed either way.

Bad ponies are sent to The Moon.

-Voice chat and a raid coordination assist mod are required for raiding. We use Mumble for voice chat. You may download it here or contact actor David Duchovny. Raid Coordination Assist mods are mods such as Deadly Boss Mods, Deus Vox, or BigWigs.

-No mumble chatter during raids, and no non-raiders in the mumble channel unless they are specifically there to observe the raid.

-The raid forms ten minutes before the scheduled start time. Attendance DKP will be distributed two minutes before the scheduled start time. Raiders who are not in mumble and ready to accept an invite at least two minutes ahead of the scheduled raid time will be considered late and will not receive attendance DKP.

-Flasks, food, gems, and item enhancements of every stripe are required and obtaining them is the raiders responsibility. Flasks and food are often provided through the guild bank, but need not be. Raiders who arrive unprepared risk benching without waitlist DKP, or DKP deductions. Being lazy when others are relying upon you is disrespectful of your fellow raider.

-Not everypony can raid every night. If you are benched, you are to remain online and available and follow the instructions of the raid leader in order to receive waitlist DKP. Switching to an alt is fine so long as the raid leader can contact you. Joining another party is fine so long as you are prepared to bail on it if the raid needs you. If you find yourself often benched due to poor raid performance, you are in luck! That situation is easy to resolve.

-DKP is awarded on a per-character basis. If you have a large amount of DKP on one character, and for reasons other than raid comp you would like to change your mane raiding character, you may request approval from an officer to transfer DKP to a new mane character. The DKP total for your OLD character will be set to zero. The DKP total for your NEW character will be set to one half of the DKP total from your old character. In other words, your DKP is halved and becomes the total for the new character. You cannot add the DKP totals of two different characters together. Mitigating circumstances exist for people who graciously choose to bring an alt to a raid for reasons of raid composition; these cases are handled by the raid leader.

"In that case you're going to PONY HELL for your wicked, horrid thoughts!" -Fluttershy (alleged)

Bad ponies are sent to The Moon. When on The Moon, your guild bank privileges are suspended and you may not use guild chat. You may not use the Mumble server. You may speak in, but not read officer chat.

Some examples of infractions that may land you on The Moon are:

-Actively poaching ponies for another guild
-Deliberately irritating other guild members
-Excessive class whining/bragging
-Attempting to bring about eternal night

This list is not comprehensive. Any officer may send anypony to The Moon for any amount of time. If you are sent to The Moon for any time period less than one thousand years, you may appeal your case to another officer or the guild leader. If your appeal is declined, you will wait out your time peacefully or face removal from the guild.
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